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A Wild Ride!!!!


You ever pause for a moment and reflect on what has happened in your life? Last night, after Val had fallen asleep, I was at my desk pondering over every thing I had in front of me, the challenges I have in the days to come and the work that has to be done, and in the middle of figuring out my next weeks schedule, feeling overwhelmed , .......I hit the pause button! I began to reflect and mediate on what God has done in and all around me. I don't know why God has shown me so much mercy. I'm certainly more of a sinner than a saint. At times I feel I have so far to go to even come close to being what God intends me to be, yet he chooses to use me every day. I've made so many mistakes, I actually tried to figure out how many mistakes I have made in my lifetime, impossible! But to put it into perspective let’s say, for the sake of argument, you make an average of 5 mistakes a day. They don’t have to big ones, but a sin is a sin, right? You say something harsh to your spouse, yell out your car window at someone who cut you off, Had an un-pure thought about a co-worker. Whatever it may be, a sin is a sin. So 5 a day x 365 days a year. That is 1825 sins a year. So for someone my age, that would equal 107,675 sins they have committed in their lifetime. When you stop and think about it, it’s staggering. . For me, I’m sure that number is quite higher. So yes the fact that God has forgiven me, surpasses all understanding. After all of the things that I have done, all the people I have hurt through the years of drug use, crime and all sorts of debauchery, it really blows my mind that he still forgives me. And not only forgives me, but allows me serve in his kingdom. So if God can use a mess like me, Imagine what he can do with you!! I don’t deserve blessings from our Father any more than the man in the moon, Yet he continually blesses me. And I bet if you paused for a moment and thought about it, you will realize just how blessed you are too. I had wrote last year that 2018 had been a year that can only be described as the same feeling I would have being on the worlds craziest roller coaster ride. for 12 months straight. Extreme lows only outdone by extreme highs. We started off the year in January with 2 funerals, one for my best friend and the other for my Dad, whom I just reconnected with after being estranged for 30 years. At the same time I am starting my book tour. Then we end the year with my Mom getting a not so good diagnosis, only to be cleared by the doctors a few months later. Still not a day went by that I wasn’t blessed in some way. So if 2018 was a Roller Coaster, 2019 has been like the space shuttle on it’s accent to Pluto. Flying at lighting speed to a destination that still seems so far away I have had the opportunity to speak in over 50 churches, in schools and at summits. I have witnessed real life change, and been able to hear first hand how the message behind “360 A Full Circle” is providing hope for the hopeless. Folks, that is one of the greatest blessings of all. 2018 was the first full year, my book is being sold and read all over the country. After taking the summer off Now in the last half of 2019. 360 is picking up speed after being nominated for A READERS CHOICE AWARD, as we get ready to start our fall tour. Another unexpected blessing this year is all the doors God has opened for the Dream Center. After serving over 300 returning citizens since we have opened , we have been recognized by the county and state as a valuable asset to the community. Receiving appreciation awards and certificates for helping dozens of individuals returning home from prison reintegrate back into society. I have had the distinct privilege of forming relationships and alliances with dozens of pastors, city and county officials, judges and senators, while creating productive partnerships with like-minded organizations.

While there have been some extremely disappointing moments, like when we would loose someone we have been trying so desperately to help to a drug overdose. Or the few that re-offend and go back to prison or refuse our help. But after the darkness always comes the light. Then all of a sudden we would witness breakthrough after breakthrough, doors would fly open, or we would hear another success story of one of our clients, someone that did turned their life around and embraced all that God has for them. Every time I start to feel a little weary, God will send me someone in need that will put everything in perspective for me. One time I was feeling especially down, asking myself “Am I really making a difference, is this really all worth it”. when I get a frantic call from a lady whose son is trying to commit suicide. All of a sudden my problems seem to fade away as they pale in comparison , as If I God is saying to me “This isn’t about you, it’s about what I am telling you I need you to do”. I have slipped and fallen, but God has always picked me up, I have had doubts, And then God would show me just how important the work is we are doing . And there is no way ANY OF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT MY TEAM, TREVOR, SUSAN, GWEN, NATHAN, TALISHA, MY FRIEND JOHN, MY CO-AUTHOR; ANNALEE, AND OF COURSE PASTOR MARK AND MY WIFE. They have been with me every step of the way.

Even though I may not always be, God is always faithful, So yes, I am truly blessed……and I am so looking forward to this next season. And as I mentioned at the beginning, I don't know why God has shown me so much mercy, but I pledge to work as hard as I can to pay it forward and do whatever God has me to do.

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