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Freedom, What do we do with it? By Dar Bryant

When we are delivered from a bondage, it doesn’t matter if it’s an addiction, or a particular sin we’re wrapped up in, or like me, All the above plus a criminal life style and prison. The onething your going to have more in your life with your new found Freedom , is time. It takes time to sin. If you were an alcoholic, Look at the time you would mindlessly sit in a bar. If you we’re an adulterer, look at the amount of time you would spend sneaking around plotting your affair. If you’re an addict, you would spend half of your time chasing around after the dope, and the other half of your time committing crimes to pay for it. So what do you do with all that time when God frees you from whatever bondage you’ve been bound too? If you don’t fill your time with something, eventually the enemy will fill your time for you. We have all seen those folks that come to church a wreck, their life in shambles, then God does something miraculous. He delivers them. Oh man, they are so thankful, happy, telling everyone about the lord and what he has done for them. They’re a pure joy to be around. Then after a few months they disappear. We don’t see them anymore. And maybe a year later we run into them at the mall or Walmart only to find they have slipped back into their old ways. What happened?? I’ll tell you what happened. They weren’t good stewards of their time, of their new found “Freedom”. They didn’t fill that available time with things that were healthy and good . You might ask yourself , how?? How do I know what I’m supposed to do? How do I know what to fill my time with? Start with practical, common sense measures! Join a gym, find a good book, start a new hobby, get involved with a group that has a special cause helping others. All these things will release dopamine, the pleasure chemical our body produces in our brains, that we crave so much. Second ask God! Ask him what he wants you to do. Then be obedient. If you ask him what you can do for him, he will make opportunities available to you. I promise you that. But you have to take advantage of them when they arise. Even if it’s something that makes you a little uncomfortable at first. Before my wife Valerie came to Christ, she was an extreme introvert. The idea of meeting new people, terrified her. She would have rather ate worms than go up to a complete stranger and introduce herself. But now she works in front at guest services. She’s a Saturday night section leader. Running around meeting people, making them feel welcome. I’ll be there on the other side of the room and she’ll wave me over to meet a newcomer that she has already introduced herself to. The fact that she’s doing that is a nothing short of a miracle in of itself. God will take every piece of junk in your life, the stuff the devil tried to destroy you with, and use it for his glory, which will in turn enrich your life. For me there was a lot of junk, so he had a lot to work with.

Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling that desire.

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