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How Did We Get To This Point? By Dar Bryant

Fentanyl laced heroin is killing Americans by the thousands, But why? One day I was walking across the parking lot of the Dream Center, when I noticed a pick up truck speeding towards me. I could instantly tell that this was someone that was quite upset. But upset at whom? I couldn’t think of anyone I had ticked off. Not in a long time anyway. The truck came to an abrupt stop a few yards away, and a man in his early 60’s jumps out, runs around to the passenger side of the truck and pulls a 30 something man out of the truck by the back of his neck. It became very clear that this was a son and his very upset Dad. The man walks his son over to me and with a grip still on the back of his neck, he pushes him toward me, as if he was returning a piece of property. “HERE” he yells. ”YOU TAKE HIM, I’M DONE” The Father glared at the back of his son’s head with tears pouring down his cheeks. Then in a softer tone, he says, “His mother and I just can’t do it anymore, he is going to be the death of her, and I can’t allow it. I had no where else to go. Can you please help. He is going to die, and I cannot let his mother see that.” And with that , the man jumped in his truck and sped off as fast as he had arrived. “Your Dad seems pretty upset” I said. This is when I first noticed just how messed up this guy was. He couldn’t talk without drooling. He could barley walk. I led him into the Dream Center and into my office. I found out that he was high on heroin, had been for the last 2 years ever since the doctors discontinued his pain pills for a back injury. He explained in slurred words that his life has been in shambles ever since. He’s in his 30’s. He use to be a Loan Manager at a bank, use to be married, use to be an athlete , use to be respected and loved by family and friends. Use to…. That’s all gone now. So desperate and hopeless, he didn’t even want help. Not because he didn’t want it, but because he felt like it was useless. This was it, he had given up. I looked across my desk and said “If you continue to use like this, you will be dead within a week”. He looks at me , and mumbles “what’s your point?” “I would rather be dead than live like this another day.” And there we have it. This fentanyl laced heroin that has consumed America is 10 times more addicting that straight heroin, and 100 times more deadly. 18 people I know have died from heroin overdoses in the last 2 years. 1000’s across the country. But why??? How did we get to this point.???

What we see today with the Fentanyl epidemic is the exact same thing we saw in 1980’s with the crack craze. Except people are dying at a record rate. Why? Why is this happening? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But to think our government is not involved in this mess is just down right naive. Before investigative journalist Gary Webb shot himself in the head TWICE, In 2004, he documented the fact that the CIA was involved in bringing tons of cocaine into the US that ended up on the streets of America fueling the 1980s crack epidemicA 1996 interview with Gary Webb took place after his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series made waves across the country for piecing together the puzzle of the US crack epidemic.The pipeline of CIA backed drug smuggling into the country and money smuggling out of the country to support the Nicaraguan Contras was wide open from the mid 1970s on, with players using everything from their shoes to freighters to move cocaine.Webb was widely smeared by the CIA’s favorite newspapers (The New York Times, the Washington Post, The LA Times) shortly after this interview.He was eventually vindicated, but not before his career was destroyed. He was found dead of a suicide in 2005…. So they say. How do you shoot yourself in the head twice. Or was this the price of being a whistle-blower? Nobody knows if they killed him or not and I'm not passing judgment either way because I don't know either, actually I never heard of him till recently. But, it does feel really weird to come a post like this and see so many people so skeptical of something that seems, give what we know, to be so parsimonious.We know the the CIA and the drug cartels were the cause of the crack epidemic. What a tragic and Grim reality check that the drug war and the arms to Central American Warlords was for millions of people. If it wasn’t for Grim we may have never known what out government was up to.The CIA bringing it in and supplying it allowed it to be cheap, but they were supplying those neighborhoods specifically and perhaps with it already in the freebase form, though I'm not sure about that part. I don't see why they would have cooked it into crack if they were supplied powder, because that stuff sells. Enter Fentanyl cut heroin…… Not only is it dirt cheap, it’s plentiful and highly profitable.I mean part of how cheap it is depends on the supply, right? Coke is expensive because it comes from a few specific places and has to be shipped through multiple organized crime bodies to get to your dealer and then to you. Meth is cheap because not only is it imported into the country, but it can be made in the country.I know enough about what the CIA has admitted to doing to believe they'd be willing to do just about anything no matter how immoral to achieve political goals. I think the CIA learned too many useful lessons from the Nazis in WWII. Though they were called the OSS back then.So would our country really stoop so low as to do it again?Let’s look at the how and why they would… How… They make it easier to get oxycodone and other opioids, including safer applications of fentanyl. The number of users increases and then you cut off the supply. Now we have the same or higher demand but no supply of lab-quality safer opioids so everyone goes for cheap heroin. But despite breaking records for world production every year, there's still not nearly enough heroin to meet the demand. So fentanyl is I think roughly 100x as powerful (depending on ROA) as heroin. 1kg of fentanyl gets users roughly 100kg of opioid high. It's more compact and hence easier to smuggle, which is the most expensive part of the operation.It's interesting to note fentanyl has turned up in a ton of places it has no business being, cocaine, meth, even in LSD blotters and liquid . A few cross contamination cases wouldn't be unexpected but this is very strange to say the least. Especially in California nearly everything seemingly has fentanyl in it, I saw a guy who bought a few hundred test kits to give away to friends, and they're constantly coming back for more because they're finding fentanyl everywhere. Why…. Most of the fentanyl is produced in china and shipped to the United states and our government is doing very little to stop it. It’s estimated that only 3% of the fentanyl is intercepted. Is US customs really that incompetent? The government and the people on top, do not want any kind of intervention/regulation of Chinese industry. Because right now, china's industrial sector is the wild west, not just for designer drugs. The US government would not allow the Chinese to import poison into our country unless there was a profit to be had. Considering our trade relations with the East, you can only imagine what kind of deal the CIA has worked out with Chinese to allow this to happen. Or the epidemic could just be a result of Drug Prohibition coupled with the additional exposure of more people to safer opioids for 2 decades. The Opioid Epidemic, like nearly every other problem related to drugs, is a result of the idiocy of Drug Prohibition, the failed war of drugs. Lack of education ,treatment programs and the moral decay of our society to even care. I don’t know the answer, or see an end in sight. And I fear whatever end there is will not be a good one, unless our government agrees to do something about it!!!! Today!!!!

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